Perry's "Best of the Net" nominated entry (2018--The Song Is...)

Perry's article in Traffic Magazine 2012.

Perry's article in Buffalo Spree magazine (WNY) 2011.


Ah, that grand elusive “you”: lover, alter-ego, ancestor, fellow writer; a mirror wherein to see ourselves amid our world. Perry Nicholas casts the “other” in a light at once dark and mellow as he searches his history and ours for faint clues to our nature. His River of You winds through Greece and Western New York, gathers many voyagers, and flows into a deep inland sea. We float along and hope that we may say with him, “I find myself, writing again.”

--David Landrey, retired English professor, Buffalo State College


Perry Nicholas is an acclaimed regional poet well worth reading… Nicholas is highly accessible but certainly not prosaic or simplistic; he can exhilarate a questing mind, delights with his gifted use of language, and he entertains with the aptness of his startling metaphors. Importantly, Nicholas’ work permits us to see more deeply into the extraordinary and into the conventional, leaving us with the satisfaction of understanding many of our experiences more fully, more richly.

--Samuel J. DiChristina, Professor Emeritus of English, Erie Community College


“The poems emerge out of personal experience; but when Perry Nicholas speaks of “I” he includes every reader, and every reader grows through his experiences.”

--Peter Siedlecki